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Dental Services at Bédard & Villeneuve Dental Clinic in Hawkesbury

At Bédard & Villeneuve Dental Clinic, you will receive general dental care of the highest quality. As soon as you arrive, you will be taken care of by our highly professional team. We are open all week and even on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Call us for an appointment!



Composite restoration (white filling), crown, veneer and cosmetic restoration.



Tooth extraction and various surgeries on soft and hard tissue.



Full implant services, including setting the implants and manufacturing of types of implant restoration: crowns, fixed bridges, fixed and removable full dentures.


Our implant services are offered in collaboration with Dr. Yvan Tésolin



Crowns, bridges, veneers, partial and complete dentures.

Periodontal Therapy
Scaling and root planing and full gum disease monitoring.

Dental Hygiene
Cleaning and oral hygiene instructions.

Root canal

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